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Stuttering and mentorship

Episode #169: I’m back from my 5th consecutive time attending the National Stuttering Association conference which was also a big epiphany in the role mentorship plays in our lives. I share my reflections on this and my book being sold out at the event! You will also hear from fellow attendees who answer the question, “Is stuttering cool?“.

I was also invited to give a cartooning workshop for the kids where we drew comics about stuttering. While I’m seasoned in mentoring adult stutterers, this was my first time witnessing some mentoring of kids. And I ended up learning from them! Who’s mentoring who? 🙂

The kids, the keynotes and the monuments around Washington, DC where the conference was held this year, gave me a lot to think about so I wrote a thoughtful blog post about my reflections on the role of mentorship. It’s important for both the persons being and doing the mentoring. I deduce that it is also one of the components to effectively living with stuttering. On both this episode and the blog post, I talk a bit about how I became a better man over the past five years from having learned from the amazing friends I’ve made at the National Stuttering Association’s conferences.

Read my post, The mutual benefits of mentoring, and please do chime in with your thoughts. Remember, you are always encouraged to send in audio feedback at or by leaving a voicemail by clicking on the right hand side of this website.

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