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Stutterers are awesome people

Episode #115: On this show, I share with you some of my experiences at this year’s outrageously awesome NSA conference including snippets from Oscar winning screenwriter, David Seidler‘s keynote.

This year’s conference took place in beautiful Fort Worth, Texas. I speak with a few of my old friends whom I met at last year’s conference, chat with some new friends, talk about a few sessions and how shame plays a role in stuttering. I also try out laughing yoga and share some comedy from the stuttering community’s own Jody Fuller and Nina G.

Music used on this show:
Sally Goodin by Obed Pickard

Further reading:
The Catharsis of Communicative Diversity by Aman Kumar
Now I Understand by Pamela Mertz

The title of today’s show was inspired by the sheer courage I witness in my fellow stutterers. As Aman explains in his article (see above), and as David Seidler described in his keynote, no matter the level of severity, we tackle the social punishment and face the suffering which come our way every time we speak. I am inspired by everyone who I meet at the NSA conference.

The children who stutter are fortunate to be learning the benefits of loving their stuttering. I see my younger myself in the stuttering teens who will soon become leaders in the world. I am constantly inspired by the courage and friendliness of my peers of all ages, backgrounds, professions, and level of stuttering severity.

This show is dedicated to you, my awesome stutterer. You rock!

This show is also dedicated to the parents, siblings, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends and friends of stutterers who are patient with us and understand that we only need a little bit more time than the average person to use our voices. You rock!

Quotes from David Seidler’s keynote:
“If I’m stuck with stuttering, f*** the rest of you, you’re stuck with listening to me”

[On speech therapy] “I believe that love and support is far more important than mechanical techniques”

“If you can live through a childhood of stuttering, you can live through anything. And if you go into adulthood still stuttering, you can handle anything… You have been tempered by the fire.”

“It would be naive to think that we’re going to see a rash of films with stuttering leading men in it. It’s not going to happen. …Be publicly articulate about the fact that you are a stutterer and what that entails. It’s incredibly important to get it out there. …Write essays. Write stories… Write a poem… You should be giving speeches whenever you can to explain what this journey is about. It is the example of bravery.”

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  1. Ari(Israel) Ari(Israel)

    Dani Thanks for bringing us ,the taste of the NSA convention,especially the words of David Seidler(i think i will translate them to Hebrew,and post them on my blog.Your recording is the only one recording of something live from the convention ,i found).
    And B.T.W-It will be great if Hanan will tell in our Hebrew Forum about his experience.
    Thanks Ari great work like always!

  2. Pam Pam

    Did you get rid of the f-bomb left in this episode? 🙂

    I have video of Seidler’s speech at Friends. Just haven’t had time to do anything with it yet.

  3. Yup. If you want to hear it, watch” The King’s Speech” 😉

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