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Speeches and self-consciousness

Episode #76


I’ve talked about my Toastmasters class a number of times on my show before but never included clips. So in this episode, guess what? That’s right, a clip! Of a 5-minute – rather unusual – speech I gave at a recent Toastmasters meeting (along with a very distracting firetruck siren in the background). After that, I play audio from a caller and Pam, the @StutterRockStar, who ponders self-consciousness. Before all that, I read an inspiring letter from a fellow stutterer.

The Year of the Ti-Ger postcard giveaway is still on! Send in audio and add your postal address so I can send you a postcard (I won’t play your postal address on the air). First person to do so before March 15, 2010, wins the 1st postcard.

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  1. Pam Pam

    Great email from the anonymous writer. I hope this person gets the courage to talk and share freely with other people who stutter. As we know, so much is gained when we talk and share with each other. If he left his email, why don’t you invite him to join us on twitter. Would love to meet him and share.

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