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Sounds of a Stuttering Meetup


Today we go into a pub for a stuttering meetup! I recorded about 20 minutes to give you a slice of life in the stuttering meetups that I attend almost every month. I always have a blast and enjoy great conversation about stuttering and non-stuttering related topics. If you ever have a chance to go to a stuttering meetup, totally go!

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  1. Box of Clocks Box of Clocks

    Interesting episode. For me I don’t think I would fare well in a stuttering meet up should there be one in my country. I say this because I find my stuttering is a lot worse with groups of people than if I am just speaking to someone one on one. Obviously everyone at the meeting is a fellow stutterer so I guess there is less pressure than a similar everyday situation but I still think I would struggle. Is your own stutter any worse in groups as opposed to one on one situations or is there not much difference?

  2. My stuttering increases when I speak one of one with another person and also in groups. Not sure why, it just does – such is the mystery of stuttering 🙂

    At my Toastmasters group, no one minds how much we all stutter. That’s the best part 🙂 If you ever find such a group in your area, give it a try. It’s an awesome experience to stutter openly among other stutterers – where everyone shares the exact same experiences as you!

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