Finally… a real winter!

I don’t have plans to post a new show every day however, I couldn’t resist. Toronto got a wollop of a snowstorm today– a mere 20 cm but enough to give the media a chance to blow is completely out of proportion and sensationalize it as a major event. As usual. I wish they’d just go off the air on slow news days. Toronto has been getting pretty wimpy winters the past 2 decades so the media jumps all over it.

Anyhoo, no stuttering in this one– this is an impromptu soundseeing show for any listeners living in snow-free, permanently warm areas. I actually recorded myself shovelling the driveway! This recording is when I was shovelling for the 2nd time in 2 hours. It’s also edited down from 1.5 hours.

I’ll be shovelling again for the 3rd time right after I post. I kind of enjoy shovelling the driveway. A lot better than cutting the grass (too much noise and exhaust fumes in my face).

Let me set the scene: large snowflakes, wind blowing in my face, A LOT of snow. Maybe past the top of my boots. You can hear the crunch crunch of the snow as I walk over it and the shovel scraping along the driveway. Atone point, you’ll hear the sound of a truck starting. It makes it easier to clear the snow from underneath vehicles.

Pardon the low volume of my voice. The microphone was dangling from the pocket of my winter coat. It also sounds like there’s a strong wind but it’s only because I didn’t shield the mic. My apologies.

It would have been better if I was able to shoot video. Instead, I took a photo from my upstairs window. This is by no means a major amount of snow. No matter what the media says.

There are other areas of Canada (with far, far less pollution) that gets triple, maybe quadrouple the amount. How I envy them.

Music played: Holland by Cique