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Record and post a video of yourself stuttering

Cover art for this episodeEpisode 174: Would you record and post a video of yourself stuttering? It may sound scary at first but what if you saw many others who stutter doing it? That’s exactly what happened in Stuttering Community, a group on Facebook where for the past little while, members have been posting videos introducing themselves and stuttering openly. Some for the very first time in their lives.

It all started when Evan Livermore, a new member of the group, decided to post a video introducing himself instead of writing text. He added a little challenge at the end of his video for everyone in the group to do the same as way to get out of their comfort zones. Little did Evan know that his challenge would end up becoming a full blown viral meme within the group! Facebook also took notice and asked to feature one of the videos on their Facebook Stories site!

I chat with Evan on this episode about this phenomenon and what he plans to do next. I also play the audio of 9 of my friends who posted videos and gave me permission to do so.

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