Episode #128: The new year is the perfect time to start overcoming your fears! I speak with Julien Smith, author of the free ebook about overcoming fear, The Flinch. Then I speak with Vivek Singh and Elaine Wigdor Robin about their experiences attending India’s first stuttering conference.

Despite what The King’s Speech may have inadvertently implied, stuttering is not caused by weak character or bad parenting. It’s biological and genetic in origin. Despite that, stuttering is still the butt of jokes and stutterers still receive negative feedback from others. In some countries like India, stuttering is taboo. Women stutters have trouble finding husbands. Organizing a national conference about stuttering is certainly an act of courage. Well done, ISA!

As Vivek described it on this episode perfectly well, attending a stuttering conference made him feel like Stutter Bond with a license to stutter. If you stutter, you’re not alone.

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Vivek’s presentation at the conference

If you stutter, you’re not alone

Some fun at the ISA conference

So how was the conference?

The future of ISA – part 1

The future of ISA – part 2