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NSA conference, here I come!

Episode #89


The big day is almost here. The NSA Conference for 2010 begins July 7th and I’ll be there wearing the first time badges! On today’s show, I’m a little over-zealous about attending but who wouldn’t be? Last I heard, almost 600 people have registered. SIX HUNDRED stutterers all in one big, fancy hotel. Imagine being in a place where stuttering is common. Anyhoo, continuing from my previous episode, I read listener replies to my question of how I should prepare for the conference. I also offer my own advice on how to meet people before the conference.

Please include your tips in the comment area below.

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  1. Pam Pam

    Great episode, as always.Nice surprise to hear you talking about me.I have thought about doing a episode on my show with just me talking about stuff, but I think I will stick to totally having guests share their stories.
    You will have an amazing time at the NSA conference. I will be writing up some of the conference moments AFTER. I am not going to take the time while there.
    Love the birds and the dump truck in background.
    And you better recognize me.
    Yes, Friends is for kids and teens and their parents. Adults like me go to give back, share our story, so stuttering can be normalized for kids.
    This will be my 5th NSA conference and my 3rd Friends convention. Being able to shar emy experience and ascribe value and purpose to my stuttering experience is empowering.

  2. Box of Clocks Box of Clocks

    Best of luck at the conference. I hope it goes well for you and you have a good time.

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