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Mass disclosure

Episode #126: Finding a way to disclose your stuttering can sometimes feel like a daunting feat. How about the idea of disclosing in a status update on your favourite social network or mobile device? Sit among me and my friends as we share our stories about disclosing our stuttering around a few pints in an Irish Pub.

Links mentioned on this episode:
Social and support groups across Canada, USA, India, UK and Ireland for people who stutter.

Music used on this episode:
Ride A Wave To Uranus by Full Load King
James Brown d’funk (Lets go, Bounce) by texasradiofish

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  1. Devayan Devayan

    Hey Dan,

    This is my first time on your website, actually the second because I’m leaving this comment, and my first stuttering is cool podcast!

    Mass disclosure sounds good, but what about just telling people right off the bat, ‘..hey also I’m a person who stutters/stammers’? I know it ain’t easy at first, but with time self-advertising gets easy. Almost normal. I do it all the time now. Just recently I had to take a tetanus shot and the nurse had to just inject it in! Before she was going to ‘plunge’ in, I was like, ‘Ok I stammer, and I want to tell you..administer the injection on my left shoulder not the right.’ And she was like ‘Yeah, OK!’ They don’t even care as long as we voice it out and we’re comfortable.

    You say in your podcast that your from Toronto, CA. I’m starting grad. school this Winter 2012 and I’m going to attend Saint Rose in Upstate New York. Not very far I guess. I don’t know but, if any one of us plans to cross borders *LOL* it would be great to meet up!

    I see your friends with Pam! I guess all you guys meet up at the NSA. I’m going to Skype call Pam in a couple of hours because she’s from Albany, NY and she’s been helping me out a lot! Did I mention, I’m going to do my grad. work in Speech-Pathology. Super excited!

    Would love to hear more of your podcasts.


    Oh and I’m Indian. Props to Vikesh for thinking about starting a group in Delhi. I’m currently in Mumbai(Bombay).

  2. Hey Devayan

    I just graduated with a Masters in Speech Language Pathology from Syracuse University. I am a person who stutters. My girlfriend just gradated as well, but she completed her undergraduate degree at St. Rose as well in Speech Pathology. If you have any questions about the school I can connect both you. Don’t be shy!


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