Episode 37
In this episode, a few audio comments, a bit of my thoughts on meeting new people in today’s hectic world, PodCamp Toronto, a really, really, really quick update on the Canadian Stuttering Association’s convention, then an update on my too-tired-to-talk phase and an update on my comics. So many updates! It’s a wonder I managed to fit it all in 20 minutes.

Song used in today’s program is Filth Biz by Podington Bear.

Is the audio sounding horrible? It sounds fine in iTunes and other sound programs. Even if you click ‘download’ and listen from your computer. For some reason, this particular episode won’t play properly on the web. I spent long hours troubleshooting but can’t figure it out. Trust me, I tried all methods. Yet the browsers hate the file. Or vice versa. I don’t know. My apologies for the inconvenience.