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Lights! Cameras! Improv!

Episode #153: Filmmakers, improv actors and introspection are the three topics of this episode. I speak with the filmmaker of the brilliant Growing Pains short film; I introduce a new Stutter Social host and chat about the benefits of introspection; and finally, I chat with an improv actor about well, stuttering on stage!

The short film Growing Pains by Ryan Alborough.

9 types of stutterers… in French!

Further thoughts

The benefits of being introspective. It lets you tackle life’s challenges. And stuttering is our biggest challenge. Nobody asked for suttering but it’s what we were given. We can either accept it or not. You can’t have an action without a thought first. Our thoughts affect our self-image and how we perceive other people’s perceptions of us. What would you change if you could go back in time?

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