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Kicking social anxiety in the butt

Episode #135: I head to Ottawa for the final PAB Conference and give you a soundseeing tour of my new favourite Canadian city. I also share with you my stuttering retrospective as a good chunk of my acceptance journey took place at PAB over the years. But first, a visit with a few fellow stutterers at The Ottawa Association of People Who Stutter.

While I try to keep my episodes under a half an hour or at least under an hour, this episode is a whopping hour and a half! Good thing you can pause podcasts 🙂

Here is a breakdown of episode 135:

1. I chat with fellow CSA board member, Norm McEwan, on our way to the The Ottawa Association of People Who Stutter meeting as it begins to rain.

2. Van Gough exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada, Peacekeeping Monument and it’s relation to stuttering (see number 12 below).

3. I walk along the Rideau Canal and meet fellow PABster, John Meadows who asks me a question about stuttering and singing.

4. My stuttering retrospective begins while I walk to neighbouring city, Gatineau, in Quebec. See why this episode is so long? Ignoring negative thoughts, old habits and feelings of inferiority preventing you from making friends. I posted the route I took and the landmarks I mention on Google Maps and accompanying photos on the Stuttering is Cool Google+ page.

View My trip to Ottawa in 2012. in a larger map

5. Paul Lyzun‘s thoughts on The King’s Speech.

6. Walking back to Ottawa and talking about negative self-image, taking courageous steps towards building a positive self-image and celebrating your small victories. In fact, you get to witness my small victory in the making during this segment!

7. Susan Murphy shares her thoughts on The King’s Speech and the importance of being proactive in understanding each other’s experiences.

8. At the Royal Canadian Navy monument celebrating it’s 100th anniversary. I talk about taking baby steps in building confidence in socializing.

9. Maureen Blaseckie shares with us her own speech related experience. She’s a stuttering cousin!

10. As I walk by the U.S. embassy, I share with you how this year’s trip to Ottawa helped me rediscover Canada and how much I tend to focus on the negative stuff instead of the positive.

11. Adele MacAlear asks me which is more frustrating, my own frustration with stuttering or people’s reactions to my stuttering.

12. At the statue of Lester B. Pearson on Parliament Hill, fellow stutter and inventor of peacekeeping (and prime minister in the 50s and 60s). When in Ottawa, rub his left foot for good luck!

13. Back in my hotel room, I talk about the importance of being part of a community and play timely audio feedback by my friend, Matt.

14. Ninja asks me if I’d take a pill that could cure my stuttering. We also chat about how stuttering is does (or at least should not) not play a factor in the hiring process.

15. Janine Harris and I chat about the surprise when we find out that someone stutters after they’ve been hiding it.

16. Last day of PAB ever. I talk about a session at PAB all about making and accepting mistakes and the fact that nobody is perfect while I walk my way to a breakfast meet up. I also share another session about a father and his autistic son communicating with each other by drawings.

Music used on this episode:
slye. IPSUM. 24 audire. DIFFERENT by style

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  1. Pam Pam

    Wow! A monumental episode. I have not listened to it all yet, so I agree, good thing there is a pause button.
    I love #11 – pondering frustration.
    Very impressed.
    I have been working on a piece talking about deficit perspective, which you touch on by mentioning how much you tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive. A trait I share!

  2. Danny Danny

    Glad you enjoyed it, Pam. While I was antsy about it being 90 minutes too long, I figured people can still fast forward if the content didn’t suit them 😉

  3. Jean-François Leblanc Jean-François Leblanc

    Hello Dani,

    I’ve really enjoyed this show, a nice concoction of conference interviews, a virtual audio visit of Ottawa and Gatineau, and more personal comments which provide food for thought.

    Regarding the conference, you mentioned that this was the last scheduled PAB Conference; how come? Podcasters’ enthusiasm is declining, the market is saturated, or what else?


  4. Danny Danny

    The organizers wanted to end on a high note. As much as I’d hate to see it end, I think they are right. Digital media has changed so much that even conferences about digital media need to evolve. At the end, though, the large group of us have become good friends so we are still keeping in touch and passing the PAB legacy of creating content that connects to the world.

  5. Norm McEwen Norm McEwen

    Hi Daniele. I just had the opportunity to listen to this podcast, and enjoyed it as far as your thoughts were concerned. I still have this problem of listening to myself. It was great having you join the group and the others found you and your comments about using the social media very interesting. I especially liked your thoughts after I dropped you off about being able to go through the skills. Sometimes they don’t click in until after the fact.

    Again, your podscasts are great and really impart to the listener that it is not important how it is said, but that it is said. It’s not the messenger; it’s the message. Keep going; you’ve done a lot for all of us who stutter.

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