Episode #148: It’s a tough job market out there these days. Keeping enthusiastic and positive is part of the challenge. On this episode, I chat with a few buddies on how they kept their morale high during job search. I also share how one of my most favourite pastimes tremendously helped me. 

Unemployment is a time of change, reflection and opportunity. I truly believe that things happen for a reason. Perhaps you can use this time to volunteer for a good cause (helping others is a great morale booster). Or take up a new skill. Or spend more time with friends. Or perhaps this time is giving you the valuable opportunity to learn about yourself. In my previous episode, I talked about how informational interviewing can help you find out what you really want to do for a career.

Trying times always forces us to learn more about ourselves and how we handle adversity and uncertainty. In other words, keeping positive and the goal square center.

Job search these days also require being proactive. And as hard as it may get at times, we must keep proactive in boosting out morale as well.

On another topic, I also mention a current Kickstarter project for Together We Act. A new theatre company giving people who stutter a chance to act on stage! I interviewed it’s creator in episode 138.

Music used in this episode was Wet Desert by Hamadi.
Link mentioned in this episode was the Special Chronicles podcast.