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Just say no to negativity and especially suicide

Episode #146: Thinking of committing suicide to escape your stuttering? Don’t do it. It’s just not worth it. As my friend, Jody Fuller, once said, “We all have the innate ability to reach down deep to overcome just about any challenge thrown our way”. I also chat about a few other challenges I’m trying to overcome as well as playing quite a bit of feedback from listeners

If you are thinking about suicide, the better thing for you to do is contact a suicide support line. They will know how to make everything better. Remember, if your heart is still beating, nothing is wrong.

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  1. Pam Pam

    Danny, I commend you for wanting to tackle this tough subject. People can quickly feel hopeless if they believe they can’t communicate, and sometimes it’s not enough to just tell someone feeling hopeless to “not do it” or “find a support group.” Telling someone to not commit suicide because it’s just “so wrong” probably isn’t enough for someone who feels so despondent that they are contemplating ending life.
    A 17 year old high school student, James Campbell, killed himself because he was so despondent because of his stuttering. His story was featured on The Stuttering Foundation website. I feel very strongly that when someone makes a comment about suicide that he or she needs professional intervention, not just a suggestion to look for a support group.
    Again, you are to be commended for wanting to tackle a tough topic – but people should know that telling someone that life is worth living may not be enough. It happens that people reach a level of despair that may seem irrational. They need to see a mental health counselor.

  2. Good advice from your friend, but when people are struggling with suicidal thoughts it doesn’t always feel so simple.

    I agree that suicide should be prevented at all costs. I wanted to share a Suicide Prevention resource with you and your readers, if that’s okay:

    Thank you!

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