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Job interviews – part 3



Remember Job Interviews and Job Interviews part 2? In this episode, I speak with Pam for Job Interviews part 3! Pam is a high school guidance counsellor who’s got rock star advice about preparing yourself for job interviews.

Job interviews can be daunting and we are the lucky ones to have our stuttering in the process. Though fear not, as Pam and I discuss, it’s not about the stuttering. It’s about who you are as a person and what you can offer to the company that matters. Even people with perfect speech get turned down. A breakdown of our conversation is below:

00:00 introduction and such

00:58 Pam’s blog post about anxiety and confidence in job interviews for stutterers

04:55 Pam’s story about a medical student going on residence interviews and his technique for controlling his stuttering (Bouncing; Pam demonstrates this at the 10:00 mark)

12:40 Part of the stutterer’s preparation for a job interview is to practice speech tools

14:54 Don’t focus on fluent speech, focus on fluid speech

17:43 The benefits of keeping a job interview journal

22:00 LinkedIn is the greatest tool in your arsenal

28:27 There’s no need to make a big deal about your stuttering during the job interview. Instead, focus on your strengths.

30:03 The benefits of mock interviews

33:52 The job interview journal revisited and asking for internships

36:05 Stuttering and job hunting during tough economic times. Look at your transferrable skills.

39:50 Final pieces of advice

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  1. lisa webster lisa webster

    Thanks Pam ,for all great advice ,i’ve got an interview for a new career to run alongside my reglar job in December ,so will take on this advice …
    cheers guys !!!!

  2. Pam Pam

    I think I talked to o much and didn’t let poor Danny get much in. Oh well, that’s women for you, huh?

    I did think it was a great episode, packed with all kinds of advice for people looking for work, not just those who stutter, although we are pretty darn special.

  3. Another idea is to treat the next interview as a practice one. It lowers your stress and allows you to try new things. Maybe imagine all the other candidates also stutter, so that’s not a factor.

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