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Jealousy vs. Motivation

Episode #199: Join me on my noisy walk to the train station on my way to work as I encourage the idea of focussing on our strengths instead of comparing ourselves to others in a self-defeating way. It can be tough to resist comparing ourselves to others. I have that trouble, too. We live in a society that demands impossible perfection. Focussing on the qualities that we don’t have will only make us feel worse. Instead, we should focus on our strengths. After all, everyone is made to be different. Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses. And everyone has a particular purpose in life. So why focus on anything else?

Of course, we are only human. So if there’s anything that you envy in someone else, keep in mind that you have strengths they may not have. And if you wish you had a particular strength they have, why see them as a role model and learn how to achieve the same thing?

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