Episode 38


Today I interview Greg Snyder, founder of Stuttering.Me, his awesomely motivating micropodcast and microblog about stuttering. We had so much fun chatting that I recorded almost a full hour and a half! There is no way I’d edit any of it out so I chopped it up into 4 bite sized pieces (a bit in honour of the micro theme to Greg’s podcast). that means February is the Canadian Greg Snyder Awareness Month here on Stuttering is Cool 😉

In part 1, we talk about telephones and cellphones (a stuttering favourite), wireless routers and stuttering, protestors, Facebook, Stuttering.Me and Twitter, sitting in the front row at comedy clubs, being spoken for and my embarrassingly s-l-o-w upkeep on some things.

My apologies for the fuzzy, static noises coming from my computer. Please also note that today’s episode contains some colourful language and double entendres.

Music played on today’s show is Hydroplaner by Podington Bear