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Don’t question my stuttering. It just is.



Ever wondered why we go through phases of differing stuttering volumes? Today, my conversation with @ridwa326 continues from last week’s episode with @stutterrockstar joining in (along with special guest Gene). We ponder our increase in our stuttering the past few weeks and that of our fellow stuttering friends. Is it the summer holidays? Mercury in retrograde? Ridwan also tells us about the speech therapy he had as a child, growing up with fellow stuttering family members.

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  1. Pam Pam

    I really liked this one, not just because someone called @stutterrockstar was on. We discussed an important issue – the nature of our changing stuttering and why it there is not much point in trying to analyze why.

    It always awesome to hear different stuttering voices. Hey you know what?
    Stuttering IS Cool!

  2. Leigh Leigh

    hi all,
    just listening in for the 1st time. I find the theory you had about the planett and stammering is really something that got me wondering too, because, believe it or not, my stuttering has grown worse over the last two weeks or so. Though it could be that my projects are due (19yr old university student) lol. Agreeing with Pam, its awesome to hear different stuttering voices. What I’ve found with me is that I don’t stutter as much after I sing a song that usually requires a lot of lung power. I’m mostly a vegetarian, only eating meat probably 3 times a month. Thanks you guys. later

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