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Documentary: Stuttering Our Names


Today’s episode is the first of a series of mini-documentaries I plan on producing to show what it feels like to stutter. This first installment talks about the embarrassment of stuttering on our names. We hear from @bibiubrasil, @ridwan326, @stirpicus, @webby49 and @dima7b (thanks guys!). Music by Podington Bear (Hook Line & Sinker, The Squeaky Song, Robin’s Egg Blue, Drama Queen, Metal Finch, Invisible Is Not Invincible – please check his website for copyright  information). Released under creative commons license Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives. See for more information.

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  1. Mandy Mandy

    LOVED this episode…keep ’em coming! 🙂

  2. Tamara Williams Tamara Williams

    Great mini documentary! Its weird indeed that most people who stutter do so specially on their names. Something that is so easy to do and many take for granted, we need to go through embarrassment and weird looks every time have to say our names.

    keep it up

  3. Tamara Williams Tamara Williams

    Did you forget your name????????
    What kind of idiotic question is that????? I can’t remember how many times I heard this one!

  4. Pam Pam

    This is great!!!!!! I am so impressed, your narration, and the music and the guests talking about their stuttering moments. So real, so poignant, so authentic. Great job! Everybody who stutters or cares about people who stutter need to hear this. Wow! I so want to be on one of the next episodes.

  5. Saying my own name is the worst. It’s easily the primary thing that keeps me from meeting new people.
    My wife bumps into people she knows at the store and there I am, slowly drifting away as if I’m doing something else. All to avoid the fear of stuttering on my own effing name.
    I read an article on stuttering once that told a story about a guy who stuttered his own name so badly that he legally changed it to a name he could say fluently. He then began stuttering his new name, while being able to say his old one fluently.
    Irony sucks.
    Keep Up the great work. I enjoy your site.

  6. Brogan Brogan

    This blog sums up my stuttering perfectly. I stutter on B’s so bad and saying my name is such an ordeal. Thsi podcast is great!

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