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Disclosing in another language

Episode #119: I recently played host and tour guide to overseas relatives and got to try out disclosing my stuttering in another language which I do not speak fluently (no pun intended).

The last time I saw my relatives was back in my covert days so I had a lot more to explain than just my stuttering! On this episode, I share with you how I went about disclosing, what worked and what did not work. I learned a lot in these past two weeks and have a big confession to share as well.

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  1. Soma Soma

    Hi Danny…I am happy to find you are doing lot of work here. I hope you remember me. I met you two weeks ago at the Toastmasters’ I too have similar experiences. I learned French a little bit and one day I had to give a presentation in the class. I prepared the speech. I practised the speech behind closed doors and felt very confident but when the moment came I couldn’t speak a single word. I stuttered more than my usual share. Obviously my teacher felt sorrry for me. More so because i was one of the best students. She gave me marks just enough to pass the test and as she told me I was the only one who tried to speak without looking at notes. French is my fourth language while English is the third. I find the problem: my French vocabularly is not that great. My English vocabulary is fairly OK and if I think I might trip over certain words I can always find a convenient getaway by using a different word. In French I don’t have that comfort! I think that kind of rigidity is the stumbling block when a stutterer try to talk in a language which is not familiar. I don’t stutter that much when I speak my mother tongue which is Sinhalese because there are many synonyms which flow quite comfortably. I think I may be better speaking French if I improve my vocabulary.

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