#68 or  The Clipping Audio Episode


Today we hear from 2 fellow stutterers who called in to give a shout out and ask how to control your stuttering when reading in front of a large audience. I recorded this while on a day trip to the unique Leslie Street Spit with a few friends who you will also hear. We go a bit off the topic of stuttering to discuss what we are doing at the Leslie Street Spit.One of my friends is Victoria Fenner, who you might remember from a previous episode. She produces a fantastic podcast called The Roaming Ear playing sounds she recorded in exotic places all over the world!

It was a beautiful day with a bit of wind. And my habit of holding the microphone too close to my mouth when I record. So I apologize for the awful clipping. At the very least, it’s short 🙂

I also took photos during my soundwalk and uploaded them to Flickr. Check them out!