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Bodybuilding, martial arts and stuttering

Episode #112: My stuttering increases after a particularly hard workout. Does yours? On today’s episode, I ask two fellow stuttering fitness enthusiasts if they experience the same thing.

My first guest is Chris Bryant, competitive bodybuilder and co-author of the Fit True blog. Along with my stuttering volume curiosity, we chat about how physical fitness can help your stuttering but your job interviews, too!

We move into the octagon with my second guest, Curt Schneider, who practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and its benefit of increasing self-confidence and “owning the space that you’re in”.

Music used: Torramindedda sa sennora by Arrogalla remixes Signorafranca

As Chris shares about himself in this episode, I also started lifting weights in high school. I had two goals, looking better and increasing my strength. I was very skinny and very bad at lifting and carrying heavy things back then.

My advice to young men getting into bodybuilding: There is nothing wrong with lifting weights to meet women. I hear it all the time how it’s only flexing your ego. But science has proven time and time again that looking better plays a huge factor in self-confidence (which is a quality in men that women find attractive, by the way). There is nothing wrong about feeling good about the way you look. It isn’t egotistical. It isn’t narcissistic. This is simply a matter of being comfortable in your own skin. And to achieve this, you don’t have to look like a super model or action hero.

Just don’t be too focused on how you look or if your biceps are big enough. And stay away from steroids. Just keep consistent with your workouts, watch what you eat (you don’t have to totally eliminate junk food but that’s a good idea in itself since it’s all chemicals anyway), perform your exercises with proper form and don’t injure yourself. And don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Further, exercising regularly increases your energy level and does make you a happier person. No matter what kind of exercise – bodybuilding, martial arts, pilates, walking, gardening, etc. Get off the couch, put the iPhone away and do some physical activity. The added bonus is you’re also getting yourself into speaking opportunities. Plus, you can still listen to my podcast while you exercise 😉

I’ve had my eye on taking up martial arts* to complement by bodybuilding and learn some cool skills. I really liked how Curt described about “owning the space that you’re in”. I’ve met many stutterers who feel they are just taking up space. This is a self-loathing thought coming out a lack of self-confidence or refusal to accept the fact that they, too, are an important person. They, too, can own the space their in. Everybody on this planet is important. We all have something unique to provide. Stuttering should never, ever be a factor of anyone’s worth. And YOU should never, ever make it so.

You always will be an effective communicator even with a speech impediment.

In case you’re interested, this is the workout I do (please note that the guy in the video isn’t performing some of the exercises correctly due to time constraints):

Two fantastic exercises which builds muscle fast not mentioned in the video is the pull up and chin up. Read up on them. They are tough but totally worth it! As Chris said on this episode, you will feel great for your achievement.

*BJJ, Muay Thai and boxing
**I know ‘badarse’ is a cheesy term but I’m trying to keep my website accessible to all ages.

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  1. dozntmatter dozntmatter

    Totally agree! The increased confidence and mood benefits from regular strength and cardio workouts has really helped me over the years. Make sure you exercise your mind, too!

  2. That’s awesome! And you’re right, it’s very important to exercise your mind, too. I guess that’s what I was trying to get across when I was explaining not to dwell too much on looking good.

    There’s a book I started reading called “The Fighter’s Mind”. It’s all about the mental strengthening fighters (MMA, wrestlers, etc.) go through for their sport and also to deal with defeat. I’m curious to see if this can be applied to stuttering. I’ll definitely talk about this in a future episode.

  3. Pam Pam

    Hmmm . . . . great post, so out of character for you. You seem really passionate about this topic and offer some great pointers.
    I agree that research has proven time and again that physical activity reduces stress, and reduced stress (most of the time) results in improved confidence.
    I have never experienced an increase in stuttering due to exercise, mainly because I really don’t do very much. Until lately, that is. I have been walking at least 3 miles 3 or 4 times a week, and plan to join one of those C2K training programs in July so I can try a 5k event in September.
    I also took a couple of NIA fitness classes, and they combine dance, yoga and martial arts. I very much enjoyed it – seemed to benefit me both physically and spiritually.
    I have not listened to the episode yet, was just very taken with your great written piece. Thanks! 🙂

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