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Big U.K. stammering meetup

Episode #80


Using Skype, I chat with a few of my online friends Pam, Ridwan, Tone and Lisa meeting in person for the first time in the UK! They share a variety of their experiences including attending a British Stammering Association meet up and what a great guy Leys is, what went through their minds the moment they met in person for the first time and of course what’s a trip without a few tourist mishap stories? Lisa tells us her experiences with meeting another stutterer in person for the first time ever and ToneĀ  describes her experience at the BSA meet up as someone who doesn’t stutter.

Pam blogged quite a bit about her trip; Traveling With Fellow Stutterers, Stuttering Meet-Ups in the UK (with video!), Guest Blogger: Shilea Shares (coming up on episode 81), We Attend A British Stuttering Group and Meeting Friends in Person. Pam invited Tone to guest blog with Guest Blogger: Tone Tells It. Ridwan posted a few photos on his Posterous page like this one.

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  1. Pam Pam

    It’s not that I am biased or anything, but this was really great. I hope you don’t mind, but I definitely want to link this back to my blog too.
    I am thinking more and more about doing a women and stuttering thing, as I need to supplement my support.

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