Episode #80


Using Skype, I chat with a few of my online friends Pam, Ridwan, Tone and Lisa meeting in person for the first time in the UK! They share a variety of their experiences including attending a British Stammering Association meet up and what a great guy Leys is, what went through their minds the moment they met in person for the first time and of course what’s a trip without a few tourist mishap stories? Lisa tells us her experiences with meeting another stutterer in person for the first time ever and Tone¬† describes her experience at the BSA meet up as someone who doesn’t stutter.

Pam blogged quite a bit about her trip; Traveling With Fellow Stutterers, Stuttering Meet-Ups in the UK (with video!), Guest Blogger: Shilea Shares (coming up on episode 81), We Attend A British Stuttering Group and Meeting Friends in Person. Pam invited Tone to guest blog with Guest Blogger: Tone Tells It. Ridwan posted a few photos on his Posterous page like this one.