Episode #202: Don’t strive for complete fluency. Do the best you can do everyday. Whatever that is for you. Be it to stutter openly and freely or keep speech tools in practice. Be comfortable in your own skin. Part of our stuttering journey usually involves the act of practice at one point or another. On this episode, I chat with David Stones, poet, spoken word artist, CEO, and co-organizer of the CSA one-day stuttering conference which took place on October 22, 2016 (yup, International Stuttering Awareness Day!).

David led a workshop where he asked everyone to share their methods in whatever their speech goals happen to be. David then compiled everything together into three free PDFs downloads available on the CSA website under Towards Improved Speech Fluency.

David and I chat about his favourite bits from the materials along with our favourite moments of the CSA conference, the brilliant keynote given by Geoff Regan (speaker of the House of Commons), and we lament the end of British Columbia Association for People Who Stutter (BCAPS).