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Attending an NSA support meeting

Episode #104

I Skype into an NSA support group meeting and chat a bit about, well, stuttering! We also talk about the great idea of hosting a panel after a showing of The King’s Speech.

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  1. Pam Pam

    You can refer the covert woman who stutters to the covert-s yahoo. It is a great group, with international members. People talk about all the issues related to covert – including hwat her dilemma is. People can share their stories with her, and also share how to let people in your world know you stutter when you have previously hid it, or they don’t believe me.She can do a search under yahoo groups and it will come up. She will have to request to joing. Cathy Olish is the moderator and Russ Hicks is the technical owner. Great group. Close to 500 members.

  2. Pam Pam

    p.s. I know Hannah Laday, the co-leader of the Union NJ chapter. Hi Hannah! Very impressed to hear that this chapter is willing to podcast their meetings. Totally puts members out there, and gives people the chance to hear and understand what a NSA meeting is all about and what topics are discussed. I have been wanting Hannah to share her story on my podcst, but looks like she found an avenue. Kudos to you! And good luck!

  3. Jimi Jimi

    This is Jim from the NSA podcast. I still am working on my
    site. One thing I knoticed is the choppiness of my speech. There
    was a volume wavering effect on our end of Skype (that made it
    sounds worse!). I will be mindful of my rate now!

  4. Jimi Jimi

    sound worse..typo

  5. I think you sounded great, Jim. Aside from the wavering effect by Skype but that’s beyond anyone’s control 🙂 And listening to yourself speak really does wonders for controlling how you speak. I noticed this in myself when I first started podcasting.

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