Here’s a great site: The Stuttering Brain, by physicist and/or financial guy, Tom Weidig, of Luxembourg. How cool is that? 🙂 And/or? He was working towards a PHd in particle physics (I love physics!) when he decided to get into finance and investment banking has a PhD in physics, worked in research then left acadaemia for the financial world.

Tom hasn’t abandoned his scientific side because he blogs about the science, research and treatments behind stuttering on The Stuttering Brain. There’s lots of information here presented in the proper scientific point of view. No psuedo-science or junk science here. I can’t recommend this site enough 🙂

Tom is a lifelong stutterer and from his interview on StutterTalk, he doesn’t seem to avoid his stuttering.Which, I’d like to add, planted the seed for me for totally letting my stutter out no matter who I talk to. And it feels great to do so.