Greg Snyder, co-founder of StutterTalk has a twitter account where among other things, he shares fantastic links about stuttering. Yesterday, my eye caught on this gem, Your Choices Determine Your Happiness, by Keith Harrel.

Keith is a professional speaker and a person who stutters. Thanks to a fantastic teacher and terriffic mother, Keith learned at a very early age the importance of having a positive attitude about his stuttering.

"My mother taught me then and there that attitude is a choice. When I told her I couldn’t go back to school, she listened and understood what was contributing to that negative attitude. She was able to listen to the pain that fueled my fears and humiliation. She then gave me the opportunity to choose a new attitude.

You have choice. You can accept an attitude of humiliation and fear or you can take on an attitude of action. You can be a victim or a victor. You can let life run you over or you can take it on"

I highly recommend this read and I also recommend you sign up on Twitter if you haven’t already done so and follow Greg. And me!