Link #66

The King’s Speech is a book as well! Of course, I read it and of course, I loved it. It’s written by Lionel Logue’s grandson, Mark, who – picture it – your parents always had these pictures of King George VI around and one day your aunt tells you about a box of your grandfather’s things she just found in her home. You open up the box and inside are all his notes, journals and mementos of his treating and friendship with the King. All these were used to rewrite the screenplay which became the movie we love today.

The book is not “the book version” of the movie. It’s a historical count of the friendship. How life was like for the two men growing up, how Logue came to move to England, how the two met, and so on. A fascinating “background story” to the movie which, as of writing, I’ve already seen twice. Can’t wait to see it again and I am in trouble once it’s out on DVD!

The BBC posted a short video of Mark Logue showing some of his grandfather’s mementos (hat tip to Steven of the BSA for alerting of the video).