Link #54

StuttertiniAs of writing, the Stuttertini has been born. I asked David Friedman, my new stuttering friend who I met at this year’s NSA Conference, to create a martini to reflect and commemorate the awesomely cool experience of attending an NSA Conference:


2 pts vodka
1pt triple sec
1/2 part grenadine
1/2 part pineapple juice

You come to the NSA conference and have a sweet experience. You don’t realize the effect it has on you until after you’re finished because it’s so sweet.

The pineapple gives you the island feel because at the NSA conference, you feel like you’re on an island.

And the non-alcoholic version is called the Stutter Up:

Couple splashes of Grenadine
Mostly 7-up
1-2oz pineapple juice