There’s a stuttering character in the current story arc in the newspaper comic strip, Doonesbury. I’m not too familiar with Doonesbury as I don’t subscribe to a newspaper during the week. So I only see it on weekends. From what I gather, it’s a political/current events comic. In this arc, a woman is meeting a guy who stutters. That’s pretty much it so far. The story seems very recent.

One curious thing though, it is revealed in this comic that the stutterer actually has aphasia. And I’m such a sucker for stuttering in the media 😉 Stuttering isn’t mentioned in this wikipedia article on aphasia. Since I personally take anything on wikipedia with a grain of salt (just in case, you never know), I did a Google search to find out more. I’m still perplexed.

No offence to Gary Trudeau, I’m sure he did his research or is probably close to someone with aphasia, however, I’m not familiar with it so I’m educating myself. Can anyone let me know if aphasia causes stuttering? Are the two similar?