Link #82: It saddens me to read that a 17 year old kid committed suicide because he felt he couldn’t live with his stuttering. It saddens me that many people have committed suicide for the same reason.

While producing my podcast over the years, once in a while I learn that an interview guest had thought of or attempted suicide. Please, please, please, please, please believe me that suicide is never the answer. Never.

You have got to trust me when I say that stuttering can indeed be overcome wether or not your stuttering goes way. I have the proof in myself and many, many fellow stutterers.

And you will overcome it, too. It just takes some time. Some patience. And a support system (more on that in the next paragraph). You can do it. Heck, even *I* did it!

We are living in the age of online communications. There is a huge, constantly growing stuttering community made up of really cool and supportive people. If you are unable to talk to family members, friends, clergy, or other stutterers in your area, please connect with the online stuttering community. We are a super friendly bunch always warmly welcoming new comers. We stutter together.

We are one big “stamily”.

I personally know many stutterers of all levels of severity leading happy, successful lives. Stuttering will always be a challenge. But we are strong enough to overcome it. We win job interviews, we get married, we rock.

If you’re on Twitter, follow me. I’m @stutterdude. I can introduce you to my awesome fellow stuttering friends. And they’d love to meet you.

If you’re on Facebook, do a search on stuttering and you’ll find tonnes of groups and fan pages about stuttering. There’s even a fan page for Stuttering is Cool! *cough* I created it myself *cough*

YouTube has some great videos posted by fellow stutterers. There are lots of social networks out there. Choose your favourite and I’m sure you’ll find a few stuttering communities.

Repeat after me: “It will get better”. I know you may not believe me, but trust me, it does. High school can be tough, but it does come to an end. And life with stuttering totally gets better after that (I loathed high school). How popular you are in high school makes no difference once you are out. Employers, spouses, friends won’t give a flying fig about your high school years.

So please, please, please, please, please do not take your life.