Link #53

I came across a fantastic post by Sachin of the Indian Stammering Association mentioning the Ti-Ger Analogy (Thanks! And I think it’s so cool that the analogy is known in India!). Sachin explains how growing up, he thought that if he could read as much about stuttering as he could, then one day he could cure it. Much like reading about how, say, a car engine works will help you understand how to fix it yourself when it breaks down. Then he explains stuttering acceptance  being like the act of planting a seed:

“You can put water, fertilizer, good soil, provide sun and air- everything, but if you fail to put in the seed, will you ever get a plant? In case of PWS looking for solutions to their speech difficulties, courage is that seed, without which no amount of reading will be of any help. Now, courage for what? Courage to accept that I stammer; courage to reach out and meet other PWS; courage to experiment with new ideas- like walking to a stranger and asking him what does he think of stammering?”

This is a great post which I highly recommend reading – Ti-ger on a walk.