A non-stuttering parent of a friend of mine who stutters, Philip Garber Jr., wrote a very accurate description of what it feels like to stutter and what not to do when encountering someone who stutters.

Phil Sr., who is the managing editor of the Observer-Tribune and the Mount Olive Chronicle, shared his perspective for the newspaper from observing his son’s experiences with people who are in too much of a hurry to let him finish his sentences. The article also addresses the stereotypes associated with us.

It is very cool to see a parent understand stuttering. Actually, it is very cool to see anyone who doesn’t stutter understand stuttering. I have a section in my book where I tried to illustrate an accurate description of stuttering in the advice book I’m currently working on (image above is a tiny sneak peek at a page). You know, in case any non-stutterers buy my book.

It is amazing that, despite living with stuttering all my life, I actually found it a bit of a challenge to describe what it’s like. Particularly, since my book will be heavily graphical in nature.

That raises an interesting question. How do you convey your experiences of being different for decades in simple terms? How would you describe the stuttering experience using pictures?