Ahhhh, here’s a gem! An interview with a stutterer who describes our challenges to a tee. From a 2006 episode of the Citizen Shift podcast, John Paskievich is interviewed about why society’s perception of stuttering need to change. Hear! Hear! In particular, the media. Hear! Hear!

John is a documentary filmmaker who made a film, called Unspeakable,  about the media’s prejudice towards stuttered speech. In this interview, you will hear the struggles he encountered while trying to pitch his film to the media.

In this podcast, you’ll hear how during a television interview, the host couldn’t get past John’s stuttering and asked him to do take after take. John asks why there is such a stigma towards stuttering on tv. There are people with all kinds of accents, people in wheelchairs, obese people… Through pondering a stutter-friendly world, John talks about how disclosing your stuttering makes everyone relaxed.

John also describes how stuttering robs a student of a positive experience of what school is all about, expressing your ideas and having fun, learning what they want to learn, making friends with the people they’d like to make friends with, the ignorance…

Sounds like a great film. I’m ordering my copy!

Listen to the podcast here.