There’s this ‘list 25 random things about you’ thing going around Facebook and for link #20, with permission, I will share the 25 random things by Mike “The Birdman” Dodd of This Week In Geek. Though he doesn’t stutter, I found his 25 random things really inspiring.

We can get beaten down by stuttering risking having our lives stifled by it. It’s easy to get discouraged and sometimes an uphill battle to overcome it and kick it where the sun don’t shine.  I’ve come across many stutterers who insist they’ll never amount to anything and don’t bother trying. The Birdman’s 25 random things should inspire you to live free. As @stutteringme says, stutter on your own terms!

1: Full name is Michael Albert John Dodd
I named after my grandfather and a hockey player I think

2: I was kidnapped when I was a kid and was rescued by a SWAT team in Brampton

3: I was adopted and was told my real mother was my sister and then I was told the truth by my grandparents when I was 12.

4:I have a real fascination with bugs but can’t stand to be near them

5: I intend to swim with sharks in the next 5 years

6: My goal is to run a marathon in 5 years & climb a mountain in 10 years

7: I have been engaged twice before

8: I dye my hair red as a sign of who I am at core. One who goes against the grain and will not submit to authority

9: My favorite time of year is fall.

10:Everytime I see a shooting star, I wish for “World peace”or for everyone on the planet to know a heartbeat of true happiness hope that would change the world

11: I hope to accomplish something great that’ll change the course of human history

12: I believe in humanity still.

13: I believe in pyshics & the paranormal: Seen too much weird shit to not believe in it

14: I recently traveled to Washington,DC on a whim to witness apart of history in the making because it would be “cool”. I live in the moment when it comes to making memories

15: I tried skateboarding to much failure but love the skater culture and the decks

16: I’ve had hot chocolate with Douh Gilmour of the Toronto Maple leafs when I was a kid

17: I have no idea on who my real father is so I see it as a chance to become more then the sum of my DNA and the ability to become whoeever I choose to be

18: I fear remarkably little and believe that fear is an enemy you choose to make stronger and so you choose to make yourself weak if you give into it

19: I have been beaten up by Neo Nazi’s so bad I was beaten I thought I cracked ribs

20: To those that have hurt & betrayed me & made fun of me, I would do anything for, including taking a bullet for because I believe that faith in humanity

21: My only regret is that I wish I had loved those who loved me even more but hope I made a positive change in their lives and wish them well in future endeavors

22: I am chippawa of Nawash, Objiway Indian and of Clan Bear

23: My tattoos symbolize the defeats in my life so that I may make those into victories and be reminded of what I can accomplish

24: I have been interrogated by the police for a crime I didn’t commit for 4-5 hours

25: I have been suspended from school over 10 times but not once for fighting for being a “Political agitator” aka troublemaker and prankster

5 February, 2009 update: I recevied this awesome thank you from the Birtdman!