CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, recently aired a documentary about stuttering on their radio network. Unfortunately, I missed it however, fortunately, I have friends who took the time to tell me about it and suggest that I contact the station. I would have never imagined that the following week I’d be at the station recording the intro for the rebroadcast!

Actually, I was recording the intro for CBC Radio One’s superb podcast called “Listener’s Choice” (or “The Choice” as it’s named on the radio version. The podcast provides listener requests for shows they enjoyed on the air.

I just heard the documentary and it is FANTASTIC. The stutterer being interviewed, Andrew McIntosh, describes our stuttering vividly and covers all our challenges: self-lothing, dating, job interviews, the telephone, speaking in front of a crowd, to name a few.

The documentary introduces Andrew to us as someone who tried A LOT of speech therapy throughout his life and now is done with it. He shares with us his feeling that speech therapy makes us feel that we’re broken and need to be fixed.

I share Andrew’s positive outlook on embracing your stuttering and I hope you do, too.

Listen to the documentary, The Sound of My Voice.