Link #45

I’m sick of hearing of various celebrities who “overcame” their stuttering or grew up stuttering yet they seem to never, ever dare stutter in front of the camera. While I do understand there’s an “image” to protect and nobody’s usually up to stuttering in public, however, 1) why bother mentioning it in the first place and most importantly,  2) what kind of message is being sent?

It’s refreshing to read about Ed Balls, a public figure in Great Britain, being upfront about his stuttering. And explaining how trying to cover it up makes it worse. He gets the Ti-Ger Award of Recognition! (:o]

Plus, he’s also involved with the programme that actor Michael Palin, who also stutters (and gets the Ti-Ger Award as well), launched for children who stutter. It’s got a cool name, “Wait, Wait, I’ve not finished yet”.

Thanks for @webby49 for alerting me to this great story.