Cover for the first book in the trilogy. Franky Banky is sitting on a stool playing a banjo.

What happens at a stuttering conference ends up in a comic book

Franky Banky stars in his very own comic book!

In the first issue of a digital comic book series, Franky Banky attends his very first stuttering conference where he makes new friends, jams at a blues bar, and then gets kidnapped by gangster robots! 

Caffeine induced mayhem!

The stuttering conference continues with Franky Banky unintentionally causing mayhem by simply giving a fake name for his coffee order. Then a riot breaks out as he presents stuttering myths as fact in the wrong workshop. And if all that wasn’t enough, Franky Banky deals with a bathroom emergency and almost gets eaten by a tiger!


Reviews from readers

It’s great! I’m super in to your style of artwork. I’ll have to recommend it to some of my comic-loving friends.

Jennifer Nelson

Speech pathology student

It’s the literary equivalent of “easter eggs”…for there’s something to catch your eye on every page. Warning—do not read when in the library, or class, or other places where you’re supposed to be quiet—or you might get “Sssshed” for laughing out loud!

Heather Najman

Somatic therapist and Stutter Social host

Meet the characters

Franky Banky

Franky Banky

The protagonist of the comic book series. Franky Banky enjoys mixed martial arts and won a few tournaments. He enjoys playing practical jokes, motorcycles, Three Stooges comedies, and crossword puzzles. Franky Banky also stutters.


A rather mysterious friend Franky Banky makes at the stuttering conference. That’s all we can say about Bilodo except that the ladies seem to go wild for him. Bilodo stutters a lot. But that doesn’t seem to bother him.


One of the many pretty girls Franky Banky meets at the stuttering conference. An avid sports fan, Stella enjoys synchronized hang gliding, pie throwing, and extreme checkers. Stella is a little reserved about her stuttering.


The Sodium Bicarbonates

A jazz band made up of cats. Pizzicato on the trumpet and piano, Allegro sings, Intermezzo on the upright bass, and Pianissimo on the drums (who hasn’t told anyone yet that he stutters). These cool cats appear in book 1.

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