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Stuttering awareness buttons!

Photo of 5 stuttering awareness buttonsNow you can spread stuttering awareness with style! The stuttering awareness buttons featuring Franky Banky are now available in a 5-pack collection on the Stuttering is Cool online shop on Etsy. Perfect for disclosing your stuttering and spreading awareness. You get all five buttons in one pack.

They are colourful, fun, and and come with the following witty and effective quotes: Sure, I stutter. What are you good at?; I stutter. So what?; I stutter and that’s ok because what I say is worth repeating; I’m worth waiting for; and Stuttering is cool!.

These buttons came to be one day as I was having a conversation on a boat with my friend and fellow stutterer, Anita, who told me about the camp in Sweden for kids who stutter she volunteers at. She told me about buttons she makes for them with stuttering quotes. “Would you like me to make versions with Franky Banky on them?” I asked. She said yes.

Then I made English versions to sell at the Canadian Stuttering Association conference in Toronto and French versions at the Association des bègues du Canada conference in Montreal. And now they are available for purchase no matter where in the world you may be.

Fun fact: each quote as a special origin story which I’ll reveal in future blog posts.

Order your Stuttering Awareness 5-pack today!

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