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How to make saying your name a good experience

Franky Banky is asked for his name when he orders coffee. At first he is worried about stuttering on his name but then he decides to make it a positive experience instead.

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While I’m not a big coffee drinker, I do love my mochaccino! It most likely has something to do with my sweet tooth. In fact, I like mochaccinos so much that I’ve made it into the official drink of the Stuttering is Cool podcast! However, every time I want to order one, I must complete a gruelling mental toughness challenge – I have to speak my order. I usually block A LOT on words beginning with Ms and “mochaccino” has a few syllables which also makes it a bumpy word to say.

A certain popular coffee chain now asks customers for their names which are then written on the coffee cups. Great idea for efficiency! A dreaded added challenge for us stutterers who have trouble saying our names as well as our orders. But does it have to be dreaded?

I popped into this chain this other day before I made my way to the CBC building to be interviewed on Metro Morning (link to broadcast). I stuttered my order – no big deal – explained my stuttering, but had the usual butterflies in my stomach when I was asked for my name. Quite out of nowhere, I thought to myself… well, exactly what Franky Banky thought to himself above. Do we really need to fear saying our names? Is there a rule somewhere that enforces all who stutter must dread saying their names?

“So much of stuttering is the way that you think about it”, is a quote from my friend and fellow stutterer, Mitch Trichon. So I decided to turn this common scary scenario into something fun. Another way to get out of your comfort zone and grow from it. I know the next time I order a coffee, saying my name won’t be such a bad omen.

I got the idea to create a comic as I picked up my coffee order a few minutes later. I hope you enjoyed it.

While you don’t have to resort to theatrics and comedy, what do you think of this approach of having a conversation about your stuttering while trying to say your name and disclose at the same time?

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