Cover of the Franky Banky comic book

I am excited to announce that after having made his debut in the survival guide, Stuttering is Cool: A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World, Franky Banky stars in his very own comic book. It’s a comic book series, actually, and it’s entitled, well, Franky Banky! Download now on Gumroad.

In the first issue of this new comic book series, Franky Banky attends his very first stuttering conference where he makes new friends. Readers will first meet Franky Banky jamming at a blues bar who then gets kidnapped by gangster robots. Franky Banky and his new friends sure do run into unique speaking situations, don’t they?

Read the stories and make music!

Each issue in the Franky Banky series will be a collection of short stories as comics entertaining the reader and spreading some stuttering awareness through the struggles of the main characters. There is also interactivity for readers who make music. After the blues bar jam story, I invite readers to record and post their rendition of the song Franky Banky and his new friend sang!

Franky Banky: Really Short Book 1” is exclusively available in digital format and can be downloaded on GumRoad at And there is no set price— pay what you can!

Here’s a little peek:

Sample page from the Franky Banky comic book

About Franky Banky

I made a spiffy new page all about Franky Banky and his friends. I’ll add more details and features over time as new books are released. There is also a newsletter for you to sign up to be notified when new products become available.

About me, Daniele Rossi

I’ve stuttered since I was old enough to pick up a crayon and draw on walls. But I was ashamed of my speech and avoided speaking as much as I could throughout my life. Fortunately, I’ve made friends with others who stuttered just like me but didn’t let their stuttering get in their way. By hanging out with them, I learned that if they could live the life they want in spite of stuttering, so can I! This is what I hope to encourage in readers who may be struggling with their speech as Franky Banky goes from being self-conscious about his stuttering to being completely confident about it.

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