Here is the fist comic of a book I’m working on called St-St-Stuttering is C-C-Cool. I’ll be posting each comic as I complete them. Feel free to download, print out, etc. but not for profit (like selling copies– for that you will need to contact me first). I only ask that you keep everything intact including my name, websites, etc.

Please accept my apology

I’ve had A LOT of set backs in getting this comic up. Mostly due to the availability of a thin-tipped marker in the colours I needed.

I was eager to start posting my comics so I decided I’d upload this for the time being depite how disapponted I am with the outcome. I’ve done too many redraws that it’s starting to stifle creativity. So please excuse the über-amateur look of my comic. Once I find the perfect medium, I’ll redraw and repost it.

All because LetraSet decided to discontinue their Tria markers and replace them with, yucky, blotchy kinds.

Please accept another apology

St-St-Stuttering is C-C-Cool is about a stutterer growing into accepting his stutter. Coincidentally, the theme of my podcast! Through this comic, I also aim to show non-stuttering readers what it feels like to live with a stutter.

The last thing I want to do is offend any of my fellow stutterers so please keep in mind that I certainly do not aim to do this and I am approaching this subject with the sensitivity of a life-long stutterer. Because I am one! 🙂

I promise, quality of drawings will improve. I’m already done with my 2nd comic and it’s 1000 times better.