The free comic! Click on it to download a PDF version

Click on the comic to download a PDF version

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming stuttering comic book in honour of National Stuttering Awareness Week 2013. Thus, link #101 doubles as an announcement – the book I’m working on! I haven’t chosen a title just yet but I can tell you that the book will be filled with advice about living and dealing with stuttering confidently and with a sense of humour. It can be done, trust me. It’s sort of like the book version of the Stuttering is Cool podcast.

My book will be completed this Fall. Until then, you can sign up to receive an email notification to let you know when copies are available for purchase. I won’t spam you. I will only send out a few emails about once a month. If I have the time, that is. I’m busy putting this book together!

You can also follow my progress in a number of ways: On the Stuttering is Cool podcast, my Instagram account where I also post photos about other topics, on Twitter where I’m @stutterdude, and the Stuttering is Cool Facebook page.

All the comics in my book feature pseudo-caricatures of the very good friends I’ve made since I’ve entered the stuttering community back in 2007. In the comic above, the 5 guys are cartoon representatives of my fellow Stutter Social management team members and a previous Stuttering is Cool guest. Oh, and I use the term pseudo-caricatures because drawing proper caricatures isn’t my strength. Yet. Also making an appearance is Willomina, the super jealous ex-girlfriend from my online comic Super Spud. She immediately popped into mind when I needed to design a nasty person for this episode. I haven’t met any nasty people in the stuttering community so no pseudo-caricature for that role!

I’ll be providing a progress report in this space now that I’ve completed the 101 Stuttering Links. Since 2007! Took a while. Anyway, don’t forget to sign up to be notified by email when my book is totally ready for purchasing. And please spread the word!