About Stuttering is Cool


Photo Credit: Mark Blevis


Hi there! My name is Daniele Rossi. I’m a digital media creator and cartoonist living in Toronto, Canada.

I’ve stuttered since I was 4 years old. I’ve faced many challenging days over the next few decades as I bumbled my way from one speaking situation to the next trying to pass myself off as “fluent”. But it made social situations unenjoyable.

Then came along the Internet where soon I began learning about stuttering openly(!) and simply informing the people who you’re talking to that your funny way of speaking is called “stuttering” (also, stuttering isn’t your fault nor anyone else’s.).

I gave it a try and immediately began experiencing many positive benefits. Not only had I began to enjoy speaking situations, I’ve met more people, gave presentations at conferences, and was also interviewed on national radio and TV.

But most important of all, I’ve made friends with others who stutter all over the world and we regularly share our experiences and laughs together. This makes stuttering cool!

And really, no one who truly matters to us really cares how we speak.

This is what Stuttering is Cool is all about.